Remember the Wrangler? And how we dated for three years, and broke up a couple months ago? And the Li’l Wrangler, who I love like crazy, and who I don’t get to see much anymore? This is about them. And how I can’t do a damn thing for them, and it’s tearing me up.

Y’all probably remember some of the financial, housing, and custody problems the Wranglers have been through in the past year. And I haven’t been talking to the Wrangler quite as much as usual, mostly because he hasn’t been returning my calls. But I talked to him last night, and today (three times so far), and damn, that boy’s got problems.

First, the Li’l Wrangler’s mom–the evil, abusive mom whose custody he was removed from two years ago because she just would not stop hitting him–filed a neglect allegation against the Wrangler.

The Wrangler is not a neglectful parent. Not the most conscientious one, but “neglect” is a long way off. Regardless, the new social worker is pursuing the case. Bad news for the Wrangler. Worse news for the Li’l Wrangler.

Then, the Wrangler called about an hour ago and asked if I could come over. Well, I can’t, since I’m apparently going to drag out the writing of this lecture until the last possible moment (it’s in the works, it’s just not, you know, “done”). Why does the Wrangler want me to come over? Because he doesn’t want to tell me over the phone his newest news–which is that he’s been evicted and will be removed from his apartment tomorrow.

God damn it.

I don’t have the money, the inclination, or the naivete to bail them out financially. I can offer a temporary place to sleep (because, hey, my house isn’t crowded enough), but how will that help?

The Wrangler may be moving back to where his family lives. The Li’l Wrangler may be moving in with an aunt, or with his mom–it’s hard to say. Crap, I wonder what they’ll do with the cats?

Update: I’ve been sitting here with this post open for a couple hours…since then, the updates from the Wrangler sound a bit promising. We’ll see. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he can pull this together, and that it’ll be the kick in the ass he’s needed….