…but I just got fabulous customer service from Sprint.

I’d been waiting for my contract to expire so I could switch carriers–partly because I get a lot of dropped calls, but also because I’ve had this phone for about 3 years and I wanted a new one, and Sprint’s $75 credit toward a new phone just wasn’t doing it for me.

So I called Sprint’s customer service to confirm that my contract was up today, and asked the rep if that meant I could switch carriers as of today. She said sure, but asked why I was switching. I mentioned the dropped calls and the new phone lust. She said, Well, we can offer you a free Sprint 8300.

I was suspicious. Figured it was a mail-in rebate or some crap like that, but no, she swears it’s just free.

I thanked her, told her I’d call back, did a little research on the 8300. Looks good. Like my Sanyo 8100, but with video capability. Fun! So I called back, told the rep the deal. He signed me up for a new contract (which will hopefully end up being cheaper than my old one, since evenings start earlier and I kept going over my minutes with my old plan) and chatted about the weather in New Mexico. Then he said, “Okay, I switched your plan. I’ll transfer you to the rep who will get your new phone for you. Oh, and I’m giving you a 10% discount on your monthly bill.”

***** (those are little stars of shock and happiness.)

Transferred to new CS rep…who also chats about the weather (lovely in Albuquerque, apparently), then says words that make my heart sing: “OK, you have a hard choice: silver, blue, or red?”

Dude. I so picked red. And then I thought, red? Really? Luckybuzz, do you think you can really pull off a red phone? Who are you kidding? But damn it, I think I can. I think that a red phone could be just what I need. I mean, look:

So I’ll let you know when it shows up. But clearly there’s a lesson here about squeaky wheels, I think.