I want to thank all the pixies over at Phantom Scribbler’s for schooling me in the joys of Dansko shoes. How did I get to be this old, with bunions this bad, without ever being told about this? Well–better late than never. I’ve spent weeks doing my customary too-much-research, checking them out on eBay (though buying shoes online is very seldom a good idea for me), and trying them on at the shoe store near school.* After a couple weeks of this behavior, I usually opt for buying whatever-the-current-obsession-is as cheaply as possible–i.e., online–and it never fits, or is just generally wrong.

So this time, after a couple weeks, I decided–are you ready?–to just buy a pair. I got these, the Jette:

Wore them out to the bar last night, and….ahhhh. They’re lovely. So, many, many thanks to the kind, bunion-ridden pixies. My feet are much happier.

*That was a good idea, as it turns out, because the style I really, really like–the Folly–is too narrow for my ginormous feet. This makes me sad, because not only is the black Folly awesome, it comes in raspberry! And brown! And green! Okay. I’m letting it go.