Are you even ready for the amazingness that is GB?

GB and I talked tonight and decided we’re both at the end of our Roommate ropes. We decided that if we ask the Roommate to leave at the end of the month, we’ll have the place to ourselves for the month of May–so we’ll actually have some room to house all the family and friends who come in before the camping-weekend starts–and then we can get someone in to sublet for June and July (or take out more big-ass student loans and just slog through until the lease is up).

It sounded like a fairly brilliant plan, I thought, but I knew there was no way, no how, not in a million years, that I could confront the Roommate and ask him to leave at the end of the month. I can’t even make tea when he’s around.

So GB did it.

Very diplomatically. Very quickly. He explained that we’re not going to rent the room for May, and left it at that. I wasn’t even in the room–I was hiding in here. Lame? You bet. I’m a pathetic dork (about things like this). But GB is my freakin’ hero. I think I might have to marry him.