• The Roommate has been sick. Can you imagine what this means for the amount of coughing, honking, and throat clearing around the house? Yep. Astronomical proportions. Even *with* earplugs in, he still woke me up at 6 am hacking. I fell back asleep after he left for work, but that is the crappiest way to wake up.
  • Loooooong class today with discussion revolving around Vaguely Essentialist Feminist Issues and a discussion I was already tired of having fifteen years ago. I think young feminists are absolutely awesome, don’t get me wrong…but chica, if you’re 22 years old it’s a pretty good bet you didn’t invent feminist activism, so you don’t need to be so smug about it.
  • Plus, the 22 year olds? They make me feel super old.
  • The Horrible Tutorial was much more horrible than usual, since I decided today was the day to explain that yes, the student *does* need to do some research for her final paper. Well, because it’s a *research paper*. Why didn’t I tell her it was a research paper, and that it couldn’t just be her opinions on a book? Because I am mean and my ways are enigmatic.
  • Followed that up with a meeting with a member of my dissertation committee. This professor–let’s call her History Chick–initially offered to read my prospectus and more or less volunteered to be on my committee, both of which I was grateful for. Since then, I’ve discovered that she might think she’s chairing my committee, which is not true. I have to try to find a way to disabuse her of this idea without alienating her. My advisor–the actual chair of my committee–isn’t much help here; he’s unbelievably unconfrontational, and his response to this dilemma was to tell me he’d step down as my chair. This is not a solution that works for me. So what I’m saying is, I knew this meeting would be awkward.
    • The issue of who is or isn’t my Chair didn’t come up. What did come up was this: History Chick likes one piece of my dissertation (let’s say a chapter). She seems to hate the subject, premise, and methodology of my dissertation. I had no prior indication of this.She very helpfully suggested some things that will improve the dissertation. And called into question the vast majority of it.
  • Ugh, I have more bitching about History Chick, but I’m starting to get oddly self-conscious about this.
  • Long walk home, mulling over conversation with History Chick, feeling more annoyed and at sea about my dissertation than ever.
  • Got home to find the Roommate already home, early, hacking and snorting in the kitchen. I swear my eardrums are about to start bleeding.

Okay. I’m tired of whining (finally!). I’m going to take a disco nap. With the fucking earplugs in.