The class for which I am the Teaching Flunky has had an erratic schedule for the entire semester. It started when the prof changed the course meeting time; then, for a variety of reasons, the times of lecture and sections were changed and changed again; then, once that was mostly settled, meeting times of lecture and section were swapped because of special events and guest lectures.

“Normally” today would have been our section meeting, but I had a vague memory of the prof announcing before “spring break” that the class would all meet together today.

So I dragged my sorry ass out of bed this morning, exhausted, having stayed up until 3:30 grading and procrastinating, to make it to class at 10:00. Got to school. Went to the room where lectures meet…room’s dark. Crap, that’s right, it’s technically a section day, so we’re meeting in the other building. Schlep over to the other building–it’s now 10:01. Throw open the door of the room, and…40 eyes, none of them attached to my students, glare at me. Okay. There’s another class meeting in there. Well, what the hell? At this point I am completely, legitimately baffled and disoriented. I walk out of the building and have no idea what the deal is. Where the hell is my class? Wait, my section meets in yet another room–maybe some of my students are in there? I head over to building #3…no students.

At this point, I’m wondering if I’m completely losing it. I’m standing in the rain, 10 minutes late for class, having no idea where my class is.

Then, slowly, light dawns on Marblehead.* Lectures meet at 10 am. Sections meet at 11. I’m a freakin’ hour early.

*My Google Desktop Search (which, if you don’t have it, you totally need) informs me that Phantom Scribbler knows this phrase too. Cool.