Things that are just plain sad:

  • It is 11:40 pm.
  • I have to be in class at 10 am.
  • I have six papers left to grade.
  • I have graded one paper.
  • I’ve had 13 days to grade these.
  • The only wine left in the house* is some really old box of wine, which–as I don’t need to tell you–is not the best even when it’s fresh.

Things working in my favor:

  • I have a super small section for this class.
  • The papers are short.
  • This class is actually in my broad area of specialization.
  • None of these students are tear-my-hair-out kind of writers.
  • I have a high tolerance for bad wine.

But still. I couldn’t find any time in the past two weeks to grade these? Seriously. That’s a new level of slacking, even for me.

*This isn’t counting the w(h)ine I’ve got right here. Hey, thanks ladies and gentlemen, tip your waitress! (Puns are hard to do in writing.)