Distractions will always, always win out. Evidence of this: it’s 2:30 am. I’m tired, but not super-tired, though I’ll probably be in bed before 3. Here’s a pop quiz:

a) Am I working on the Guest Lecture of Doom, which has progressed not-at-all in two days?
b) Am I reading Long-Ass Book for the Horrible Tutorial?
c) Am I grading papers?
d) Am I working on the content and layout for a freaking wedding *program,* while simultaneously researching mehndi artists* in my area, watching Family Guy, drinking a vodka-and-grapefruit-juice** and compulsively refreshing my blog reader?

If you guessed D, congratulations! For your prize, you may come over with a six pack (beer, not abs) and pull me away from the damn screen.

*About that–I’m not just being hip or whatever. When I got married for the first time, a bazillion years ago, my dad told me that henna designs were a traditional thing in [my ethnic background] wedding ceremonies (my dad immigrated to the US from Old Country, so I’m first generation “Ethnic-American” on my dad’s side). At the time, I didn’t get that he was probably hinting that I might consider including them, but after seeing him try to include aspects of Ethnic Traditions at my sister’s wedding…well, I’m thinking that it might make my dad happy, and I like it, so….it’s my newest thank-god-i’m-not-thinking-about-work-thought. But kicking it around tonight has been a helpful distraction.
**aka a Greyhound. Apparently when you salt the rim it’s a Salty Dog, but salting the rim of this drink just seems….ewwww. And during my brief bartending stint, and in my many years of bar-drinking since, I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone order this drink as a Greyhound–people just say vodka-grapefruit. Weird, because I think most people probably order vodka-orange as a Screwdriver. Or maybe not.
And I have the amazing and wonderful Iron Buttercup (aka Dirty Martini, and I think you can order her by either name) to thank for this drink, since she heard my cries of distress and brought me 100% grapefruit juice. She rocks so much. Y’all should go over to her blog and convince her to talk to the internets more often, because I think the internets need her.