Thanks so much to everyone who sent good wishes to the Big Orange Cat. He seems hugely improved today–he ate some of his normal food, and he threw up once, but it was pretty much a normal, non-bloody cat puke. When I came home a few minutes ago from having lunch with the Wrangler and the Li’l Wrangler, I found the Big Orange Cat and the Biggest Black Cat chilling out together. The Biggest Black Cat has amazing healing properties. He gravitates to anyone who’s not feeling well and just…fixes them. He’s just so big and solid and there. He’s gotten me through countless panic attacks and a few sketchy drug experiences. Anyway, his magic seems to be working, because the BigOrangeCat looks a lot like his old self again. (That little patch of black fur in the front of the picture is the Smallest Black Cat, who’s getting in on the good vibes too.)

Anyway. Thanks for all the supportive posts. The kindness of my blog-community amazes me.