April 2006

The Roommate moved out today. I caught GB dancing down the hallway this afternoon.


Clare didn’t tag me, but I need to keep my brain occupied or I’ll go back to bed, so I’m doing this meme.

I am hungover, again.
I want a nap.
I wish I didn’t have papers to grade.
I hate that the semester is Not. Over. Yet.
I love my friends, especially lately.
I miss my waistline.
I fear way too many things.
I hear my stomach growling, and one bird.
I wonder if I will ever regain motivation–to work, to clean, to engage in a bit of personal hygiene.
I regret not learning to schmooze earlier in life.
I am not a drunk. I just play one on the internet. (Thanks to the lovely Ms. Q for that phrase)
I dance not nearly often enough anymore.
I sing loudly and enthusiastically.
I cry at documentaries about symbiotic inter-species relationships.
I am not always stressed. It just seems that way.
I make with my hands happy, well-petted cats.
I write a lot on the blog; not so much of work-related things.
I confuse the Four Tops and the Temptations, far too often.
I need to get to work, already.
I should not take a nap. But I know I will.
I start drama.
I finish first.
I tag anyone who’s bored this afternoon. Procrastinate away!

So….the bachelor/ette barbecue was a success, as expected. Jason throws a great barbecue, most of the usual suspects showed up (IB, we missed you!), and I drank for just about 11 hours.

I think I’m off the booze until wedding-weekend.

Gender-ambiguous highlight of the evening: back at the Squirrel’s for phase two of the party. The Squirrel’s On-and-Off-Ex leaves early, as usual, and then the SoapStar and her friend leave to go dancing. The Squirrel returns from walking them out, and enters the room where Jason, Bad Idea, GothMusicGuy, and I are the only ones left.

The Squirrel: “Well, all the chicks are gone.”
Me: “Um, hi?”
The Squirrel: “OH MY GOD.”

(Furious, painful Squirrel-blushing and stammering ensue. If you’ve never made the Squirrel blush, you should try it sometime. It’s something to see.)

And in other news….the Roommate is packing his things as I write this. I’ll update later with the (hopefully good) news.

And yes, blogfriends who I love for asking, I’ll post wedding ensemble pictures!

(No, not that one. I mean this one.)

Clare said maybe we should. I’m game.

With glasses, smiling a little but trying to keep my eyes from completely closing, like they do when I smile really hard:
Without glasses, which looks kind of weird to me now that I’ve been wearing them for years, but makes me think that maybe I should go back to contacts someday:

Since I’m going out with IB tonight*, I think this will stay up until tomorrow, when Clare will also be posting an eye shot. And you should, too. Actually, maybe I’ll post a drunk eye shot later, just for kicks. Maybe one of IB and me both. Mmmmm, martini eyes.

I love procrastinating. I love not working on grant applications. I love that my friends are starting to get into the pre-hitching festivities with me.

*it’s my “bachelorette party”–though it’s actually just me and IB going to the bar. Then again, GB’s “bachelor party”–also tonight–is just him and Jason going to a baseball game, and I think we’ll have more fun. Did I mention that tomorrow is the joint yay-you’re-almost-married barbecue at Jason’s? My dreams of staying drunk until the wedding are coming true!

Blogfriends, there’s something I’ve been curious about. Do you have visual images in your head of bloggers you’ve never met?

Non-anonymous blogfriends sometimes post pictures, and I love that I know what they look like. And I love when anonymous bloggers post cropped, or disguised, or limited-time-only photos, because I feel like I get a glimpse into the real, physical person behind the blog, and it’s easier to imagine them. But then I realize that I have some blogfriends that I don’t have mental images for at all–or I have vague ones that have absolutely no basis in reality, but are based more on tone, or content, or the color of the template. I almost want to tell you about some of these ideas I have of different anonymous bloggers…but then it would be too clear that I’m procrastinating on preparing for the Horrible Tutorial.

So I’m just curious…how vividly do you imagine bloggers you’ve never seen?

This is me, still pretending I don’t have any work to do. Even though if I think I’m not working now, I’m going to be amazed at how much I don’t work next week, when both sets of parents–mine and GB’s–arrive on Tuesday. And I have papers to grade. And this annoying, way-more-complicated-than-it-seemed data job I’m supposed to be doing now. And the Horrible Tutorial to prepare for tomorrow.

And I’m sitting here wondering when the Squirrel will call back to tell me if it’s tequila at his house tonight–which has been the usual Thursday lately–or if I’m going to have to go out alone tonight, just because I’m *so freakin’ antsy I can’t concentrate on anything.*

La la la. I get paid to read blogs.

On second thought, I think the crappy question-writing in this quiz outweighs the potential benefit of pointing out the gendered nature of the whole virgin/whore thing. I’ll post something else interesting later. Move along. Nothing to see here.

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