Some movies I just like. I don’t know why. But when Law & Order: It Never Ends finally ended (1 am on Thursdays, apparently. Who knew?), 12 Monkeys started, and I left it on. I like this movie. I think it’s maybe the only movie I’ve ever really liked Bruce Willis in, and I think Brad Pitt doesn’t suck in it, too. It’s not a movie I ever think of putting in my top 10, but I’ve seen it, like, four times. Because every time it comes on I say, oh, I like this movie.

I was thinking about this earlier, actually–I have actors that are like this for me, too–people I’d never think to put in my “favorites” list, but who I’ll always keep watching, regardless. William H. Macy is another one of those guys for me. How about you? Movies/actors you like more than you think you do?