Today’s featured bloggable cat is the Big Orange Cat, who scared the bejeezus out of me this morning by skipping breakfast (absolutely unheard of in Big Orange Cat-land), vomiting blood, and then following that up with bloody poo.

I was able to get him a vet appointment for the afternoon, and fortunately IB was on her way over to have porch drinks with me, so she talked me down and liquored me up until it was appointment time. Fortunately, also, I was able to get in touch with GB after his first class, and he blew off the rest of his classes and came home.

After 2 hours and $200 at the vet, we learned that his x-rays looked good (no weird masses or obstructions–just, as the vet so tactfully put it, “a large fat pad”) and his bloodwork was all pretty much normal. Translation: they have no idea what’s wrong with him, but it’s nothing obviously, horribly bad. So tonight he’s on Prevacid, prescription cat food, and a super-extra-dose of love, as we “keep an eye on him”–again, doctor-speak for “we have no freakin’ idea”–and keep our fingers crossed that he just ate something funky, and will be back to terrorizing the household with obnoxiously loud purrs and butt sniffs by tomorrow.