Have I mentioned how pretty GB is? Sitting here in the misty glow of Law & Order I caught myself thinking that again. Then I remembered I had other things I should really be doing.

Here are the first ten things I thought of, although the list really goes on much further. At last count, there are at least 36 things that I am either in the middle of, or I should be by now. Anyway, the top ten – in no particular order – though looking over this list, there probably is some order that I can’t quite see yet. Just need some perspective. And maybe to do one or two things on the list. But, back to the actual list.

1. Write dissertation.
2. Do dishes.
3. Or order pizza.
4. Grade papers.
5. Read 8 books that I need to use for #1.
6. Clip my nails.
7. Write dissertation.
8. If not do dishes, clean a few glasses for drinking.
9. Back up everything on my computer.
10. Check to be sure no one has found this blog using
the name of the creepy freaky dude from previous
entry, never to be mentioned again.