I realize the grand hitchin’ isn’t for, like, six weeks. But STILL. I’m impatient to gather all the wedding accoutrements so that, in good Virgo fashion, I can feel completely prepared.

So when we had to send the wedding rings back to be sized (yes, apparently neither of us can accurately determine our ring size. It’s not a skill I thought I’d need), I wasn’t enormously upset. I mean, we still had plenty of time, but it’s not like we were going to wear them now (I mean it, IB! I’m not cheating!) So…a little annoyed, but okay. I mean, I *did* compulsively check the tracking number, but that’s pretty normal for me.

So I just got home to find the rings at my door. Yippee! I unwrapped the first one….GB’s ring. Looks good. (Since this was the second encounter with the rings, I didn’t feel like I had to wait for GB to get home this time…I just tore right into them.) Checked the engraving: Luckybuzz loves Gospel Bob. Right on. Unwrapped my ring…cool, it fits. Um, well, maybe it’s still a little loose, but damn, I’m so not sending it back again for that….I’ll get used to it. Look inside…my ring says: Luckybuzz loves Gospel Bob. Well, okay. I do. But wait a minute. This is MY RING. He’s supposed to love ME on this one. I can’t be the one to do all the lovin’.

They fucked up my engraving!

Sigh. Yes, there’s still a ton of time, and in the grand scheme, I can’t believe I’m whining about this. I just want to be prepared, dammit!

You know what? I’m a huge dork. My spring break just started. I retract this whine. I can drink during the day next week.* Whoohooo!

*That sounded way more alcoholic than I meant it to. You got that I just meant that in a sort of “my days are free” kind of way, right? And it’s not even true, because of course spring break is all about catching up on things I’m horrifically behind on. So now you think I’m (more of) an alcoholic, and I probably won’t even do any daytime drinking. And this isn’t helping, is it?