Because it’s about all I’ve got:

  • I really, really hate the tutorial I’m teaching. I am so not about the one-on-one for an hour and a half thing.
  • I had total yoga interruptus yesterday, when the New Roommate came home unexpectedly early. Nice guy. Laid back. Doesn’t complain when the cats pee on his bed. But damn, I can’t wait to move.
  • I’m eating better than I pretty much ever have, walking to school about 3 days a week, doing yoga 4 days a week, and I’m at an all-time-low (for me) with my drinking. And my hypothyroidism is (according to the lab results) under control. Why can I not lose a single freakin’ pound?
  • I have to go do Big Long Scary Fieldwork on Sunday. This is a group I’ve worked with before, and the one I hope to focus on for most of the diss fieldwork. And I’m a humungous freak who can’t seem to ask questions even when the very nice woman in charge is *asking* me if I have questions. I am so not looking forward to proving yet again what a dork I am this weekend.

OK, fine. I can’t leave you with that. I’m sure there are good things too:

  • Just got the next SFU disc from Netflix, so I know what my plan is for tonight.
  • I got drunk on wine with IB last night and she helped me figure out all kinds of girly things about what I’m going to wear for the wedding. AND she insisted that she was having fun. She rocks.
  • I have a long post percolating about all my deeply-rooted protests and issues with the institution of marriage (including my divorce, on purely feminist political grounds, at 19), as well as my disclaimers about why marrying GB at this point is a really good idea anyway. I’ll probably get around to writing it sometime in the next three months. You can hardly wait, huh?
  • We did get our first wedding present yesterday (sparking another round of the whole “what the fuck, we’ve been together for 10 years and NOW people need to buy us gifts?” rant, which unfortunately only IB had to hear. Sorry, IB. You rock.)–a new tent from Mom (aka the honeymoon suite). My mom rocks too.

Off to the torture tutorial.