What I have to do today:

  • teach section I’m about half prepared for
  • meet with student who wants my advice (god help her) about PhD programs
  • make a million copies of my prospectus and submit it (!!!) to my department actually, no. I’m just way too OCD for this. While I want to think I’m done revising it, I know I have to wait until the ultimate deadline tomorrow.
  • spend the afternoon obsessing over, but not making changes to, the prospectus
  • go to Big Scary Colloquium tonight and enjoy hostile, obscure discussion of the prospectus for two hours
  • drink wine after this discussion and try to maintain composure
  • walk home after my 12-hours-at-school day and drink several glasses from the box of wine

What I’ve already done today:

  • spilled most of a half gallon of milk–wait for it–UNDER the refrigerator and stove.
  • so completely fucked up my hair with overapplication of hair product(s) that I had to rewash and reproduct it.
  • accepted the fact that I do, indeed, have the flu. A small flu, maybe. But damn. (Side note: I think I somehow believed that when I quit smoking I would never cough again. I find that I don’t mind so much being sick–I expect to get sick occasionally. But I’m really annoyed that I have a tiny cough right now. I’m a nonsmoker! It’s not fair!)

I’m not sure what I need to get me through this day. Day-Quil? Luck? A plane ticket outta here?