Because I’m melodramatic when I’m sick. It comforts me.

Bad: I still feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.
Worse: Two days from now I present the prospectus in Big Scary Hostile Colloquium.
Better: I don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow, so I can lay around here and try to catch up.

Bad: I’ve spent way too much time in the past 2 days watching Season 1 of Six Feet Under with GB.
Worse: At the video store tonight, I didn’t realize there were FOUR–not three–discs in Season 1, and I got Season 1, Disc 3 and Season 2, Disc 1. Clearly, we’re not ready to start Season 2 yet. But what are the chances that someone else is at the same place in their SFU viewing as we are?
Better: I love watching DVD series with GB, and he’s promised to go get S1 Disc 4 for us tomorrow.

Bad: On Friday night, I drunkenly confessed to IronButtercup that I might think Vincent D’Onofrio is attractive (to which the normally very agreeable IB replied “Luckybuzz: Vincent D’Onofrio is NOT HOT.”).
Worse: We were at an ATM at the time, so you know that’s caught on tape.
Better: IB has now seen me at my worst, and hasn’t kicked me to the curb yet.

Bad: I hate the tutorial I’m teaching. I hate the format, and I hate that I can’t nail down the topic (well, the student can’t–but it’s annoying).
Worse: I feel so scattered about this tutorial that I assigned a bunch of articles for this week that I hadn’t actually read…and I’m skimming them now and thinking they’re not so helpful.
Better: I busted out a tiny bit of Hardass Luckybuzz Attitude on Tutorial Student last week, and we ended up having a much better discussion. I think this might call for toughlove.

Bad: I’m scattered, feel like ass, not ready for the week to start, and completely unmotivated.
Worse: I’m not nearly tired enough to sleep yet.
Better: The chances that I’m the first person with bird flu in the U.S. are, really, pretty small.