…that I forgot to tell y’all.

Remember that whole getting-hitched thing that I have totally been minimizing, and telling people (e.g., family) that they don’t have to come out here, and it’s just City Hall, and it’s just not a big deal anyway?

Yeah, well, whatever with that. Change of plans, as of tonight: it’s going to be a camping wedding after all, and all y’all are invited.* Because what the hell is the point of a wedding without a party? Yippee!

*To the degree that this works out with our particular type of friendship and all, of course, since I don’t exactly mean to encourage crazy weird stalking…not that YOU would do that, but you know I’m a little paranoid, overall. I mean, if you’re a person who knows where I live (but NOT IN A STALKERY WAY, unless you just mean to be flattering, and not creepy, and then it’s okay too), then hey, you’ll be getting an invite. If you mostly hang out with me here, then we’ll do a little drunk blogging to party with you.

ETA: Dudes. Why did I feel like I needed to add that whole disclaimer there? Is that just a little bit insane? And why, then, did I come all the way back over here, go into “edit posts,” and–not delete the crazy disclaimer–but add this part, just in case you didn’t notice how insane the part above it is? I so have to go to bed….