It’s 1:15 am. I’m beat, and I’d love to be sleeping. I’m just finishing up the reading we’ll be discussing in section tomorrow.

I’m so, so not prepared for tomorrow. I have no section prep whatsoever, which means I’m going to wing it, which is (as we’ve all learned together, in the pages of this blog) *never, never* a good idea for me.

Also, the semester is well underway, and I have yet to actually figure out my schedule. Where the hell do I have to be tomorrow? Damned if I know. Well, I know that I have to go “facilitate discussion”* tomorrow morning, but what are the specific plans that will fill up the rest of my 11 hour day tomorrow? Um. I think it’s all in the Palm Pilot.

My semester so far is–how you say?–out of control.

*This is not a student evaluation rant. It’s not, really, because I couldn’t even *do* that rant, it was so depressing. But I will say this: last week I explicitly explained to my section that my purpose there was not to give them a second lecture, but to “facilitate discussion” and let them work with the material. You would not believe (and I’m only just learning) how many students really don’t understand that section is not a place where I lecture (or re-lecture) at them for an hour. And that my not-lecturing is a good thing, really, and totally not something you need to *give me really freaking low scores for,* you one lame-ass undergrad who has gone way too long without someone explaining that to you.
Thanks. I feel a little better.