What do you think might be a really *unfortunate* choice of a research methodology for someone who’s a big, giant introverted freak like me?

Maybe something involving going to unfamiliar places, encountering large groups of strangers (or, alternately, small, tightly-knit groups of strangers-to-me), and attempting to get them to a) tell me things, and b) not be completely thrown off by my utter dorkiness?

Yeah. That *would* be unfortunate.

(Needless to say I had a long-ass day. And I think I’m getting a cold. And so I am now, even as I type, lying in bed, watching trashy TV, and not drinking-as-planned with Iron Buttercup. Forgive me, IB, for I am ailing and there will be no alcohol for me tonight. ‘Night, y’all.)