I am completely freakin’ exhausted. I can’t imagine, right now, ever being not-tired enough to do another actual post here. I can’t imagine doing anything more than Random Bullets of Crap. But I miss y’all when I don’t talk to you, so…here.

  • Some small good news on the prospectus front: my advisor read v 2.0 yesterday and says it’s “much, much stronger” than the previous version, and in fact is “almost ready to go.” He even offered some really helpful, specific ideas on how to revise for v 3.0–hopefully the version that will be submitted. Next month, maybe? Fingers crossed…I am So. Fucking. Tired. of working on this thing. Isn’t it actually a dissertation that I’m supposed to be writing and revising endlessly?
  • The new roommate is a really nice guy. He’s laid back, and he barely even bitched about finding cat pee on his bed (and pillow–ewwww) today. But *damn*, he’s got a bad morning cough, and he’s so freakin’ loud (in general) that GB and I went out yesterday to buy some earplugs. I wore mine last night, and they helped. But we’re starting to wonder if just breaking the lease is a better idea.
  • I took the Wranglers out to dinner for the (Big) Wrangler’s birthday tonight. The Li’l Wrangler was really wound up–we’ve only hung out once, really, since the Wrangler & I broke up, so he was kind of crazy tonight. He bought me a Valentine’s present–he was very clear that it was from him, not his dad, who–as he informed me–doesn’t have to buy me Valentine’s presents anymore. (Um, thanks?) Fun, though, overall–and good to see both of them. Not so weird or sad, this time.
  • I’ve been enjoying my nightly ritual of bringing the laptop onto the loveseat in the living room with me, having a couple glasses of wine, and halfheartedly working while listening to all-Law-and-Order-all-the-time (aka digital cable). Vincent D’Onofrio is growing on me. Is that a bad sign?
  • Hey, it’s That Guy! On Law & Order…you know, that one actor who plays all those other roles? I think that lawyer is That Guy.
  • God I’m tired. Is it May yet?