Checking in from the south, surrounded by too much family and not much time with the internets…it’s Random Bullets of Crap, Texas-style!

  • I just spent 45 minutes in an online chat, fighting with Red Envelope–I’m not linking to them because they have the most atrocious customer service I’ve experienced in a while, and y’all just shouldn’t order their overpriced crap anyway.
  • No results from that chat means that I *still* don’t have a birthday present for my brother.
  • Being with my family means that I am (of course) 8 years old, and can’t go anywhere on my own.
  • My sister-in-law and I had an awesome, unexpected drunk-bonding conversation…turns out that she (and my brother) and I might have a bit more in common in the, um, lifestyle department than I thought. Cool.
  • My nieces here are possibly the most awesome children I’ve ever met, and I’m not a bit biased.

As proof that my nieces are not only beautiful, funny, and brilliant, but also great judges of character, I offer you this:

  • My 7 year old niece just poked her head in the room where I’m working failing to get anything productive done and said, “Do you want a glass of wine?” It’s 3:00 in the afternoon. (Note: she did not ask if I wanted to join her–or anyone else–in a glass of wine. Apparently, I just look like I need one.)

Regularly scheduled blogging should return tomorrow evening, I’ll bet.