…because I can (hooray for JetBlue’s free wireless at JFK!).

I just emailed the prospectus draft to my workshop. Because the minor humiliation of my advisor’s critique wasn’t enough, so I have to involve 12 relatively hostile colleagues in hopes of a more public, more traumatic humiliation.

Should I buy the stuffed lion and the stuffed giraffe for my nieces, or more expensive–but softer–stuffed cat and wolf? There’s also a unicorn with a pink mane, but I suspect they’d both want that one…Or is it just enough that I’m showing up with gifts at all, and it doesn’t matter so much what lame, airport-bought gift I bring them?

Thanks. I think I’ll go for the lion and giraffe.

Email access may be spotty this weekend (and I’m pretty sure I’m sharing a room–and a bed–with my mom), but you know I’ll talk my sister-in-law into getting drunk with me. You can’t keep the drunk-blogging down.