“If I was kidding you I’d be wearing a fez and no pants.”

How is it possible that there is no Law & Order on TV right now?

(Or, as piny over at Feministe sums ’em up:
Law & Order: Original Flavor
Law & Order: Now With More Dead Strippers
Law & Order: Vincent D’Onofrio

I do actually realize the irony of this; a random scan through the digital cable channels at any given time (seriously–I’ve found this to be true at 9 am) will yield at least two different L&Os. But lately I’ve been retiring to the loveseat in the living room around 10 pm, pouring myself a glass of wine or three, and “working” on the laptop while I quarter-listen to L&O (any variety) in the background. So I just now said to GB, “Guess I’ll go watch a little Law & Order,” and he snickered–because, right, who has to plan to watch L&O now?

Me, apparently. How sad is that?

And Vincent D’Onofrio: what is up with him? He’s like a car wreck for me. I find his character so disturbing that I can’t stop watching him. I starting watching the CI version late…what the hell is supposed to be wrong with him?

(Can you tell how really tired I am of talking about myself?)

Well–there’s always the Law & Order Random Plot Generator.