Considering the funk I was in last night, today’s been…okay. Sorry if this is horribly boring–this is more of an update for me, I think. I’m feeling lazy, so I’m going with bullet points.

  • Had breakfast with GB at the best breakfast place in town…haven’t been there in months. GB and I had gotten in the habit of going to breakfast with Blanche and the Wrangler, but not each other–so that was pretty cool. Mmmm….awesome eggs florentine.
  • Finally emailed the person I really need to interview to get involved with the group I really want to study for the diss…and got an email back a few hours later, offering all sorts of help and interview possibilities. Keeping my fingers crossed that this all works out–it’s way closer to home than anywhere else I’m looking at.
  • Also finally called Sleepy CouchHead, who still loves me despite hosting me all last weekend.
  • Called my family (and GB called his) and broke the gettin’-hitched news. My dad said I made his year (“well, you made my 2006 at least”), both our moms were much more surprised and happy than I thought they’d be, and my awesome sister told me to stop downplaying it, already, and appreciate the fact that “there are only so many momentous occasions in your life…just enjoy it, willya?” My sister’s advice: have a lot of parties, register for gifts. My sis rocks.
  • Had a long, sad, good conversation with the Wrangler on the phone. The short version: we’re in the same place–sad, relieved, happy with the rest of our lives right now, and looking forward to being able to hang out and be friendly and good soon. And I’ve still got plans with the Li’l Wrangler next weekend.
  • Got an email back from my advisor tonight. He’s been out of town and hasn’t read the draft I sent him yet–which is good, because at least he wasn’t just so disgusted he couldn’t respond.
  • Got 2 responses already for the roommate ad we posted today.

So. Good. Not much “work,” but some life stuff moving along.