Because I’m all kinds of out of sorts and I think that downing a couple martinis at the bar sounds like just the ticket.

I’m half-working on the syllabus for this tutorial, half watching Law & Order (all the variations…one or the other of them is always on), mostly drinking an appletini. GB has spent the afternoon procrastinating and not studying by watching four episodes of Bonanza and then talking me into watching The Bad News Bears with him, but now he thinks he’s so close to studying that getting drunk with me is probably a bad idea (he’s undoubtedly right, of course).

And all my other friends seem to be AWOL: IB has an excuse, of course, since she’s got that toddler-at-home thing going on. The Other Bumper Pool Boy–who will now be known as Jason, because that is totally not his name–has another date with another girl he met online. The Squirrel has a date. [The Squirrel has a date! With a stranger! Do you realize how weird that is??] Bad Idea is…well, not an option, because I’m not nearly drunk or stupid enough to do that. And the Wrangler and I are not really at going-to-the-bar stage yet, and I’ve never been a big fan of hanging with Blanche anyway. Even when, you know, my other boyfriend fiance was dating her.* Which leaves me here–not in a funk, exactly, but feeling like a big ol’ bender would work out just fine, and trying to settle in and focus on this damn syllabus.

Keep the appletinis coming….

*See what I did there? I have to say I’m not a huge fan of the word, though I do feel a little better about it after learning that the French fiancer (to betroth) comes from the Old French fier, to trust. I like that.

Coming up in the blog-future, eventually: the story about how I did this before, swore I’d never do it again and that the whole thing was a giant tool of the patriarchy, waited 10 years, and then decided–with really good reasons, I think–that it’s a damn fine idea after all.