At last.

I’m trying to work back up to actual blogging; I feel like I’ve been away for a while. I might have to go with bullet points.

Things about my life that kind of rock right now:

  • When the Other Bumper Pool Boy (Who Really Needs His Own Pseudonym) calls GB to say that maybe tonight *and* tomorrow night are good for hanging out;
  • when the OBPB(WRNHOP) suggests he’ll pick us up to go to the Squirrel’s;
  • when the OBPB (who I swear will get a pseudonym soon) shows up with Bad Idea and beer;
  • when the drinking and smoking commence and it is decided that my house is way more fun than anywhere we’ll go;
  • when we call the Squirrel and he is relieved at not having to have company tonight;
  • when four hours of drinking and great music follow, peaking (and ending, with good timing) in a solidly drunken listening-to of Rain Dogs, with full four-part-harmony (even where it doesn’t belong)

…these are good things. Sleeping, also, would be a good thing right now, since I apparently have *another* (unexpected, and unfortunate) meeting with the prof I’m TAing for tomorrow.

Last I heard, though, there were more plans to repeat many of tonight’s events again tomorrow night….with the addition of bumper pool (since we didn’t have the Squirrel to motivate us to play tonight). I suspect the Wrangler will also be part of tomorrow’s festivities. And I believe I am, again, invited to tomorrow night’s festivities *at my house*, despite the fact that some people feel that “boy’s night” should exclude girls, including me, even though a) I am not even a little girly; b) I like to talk about girls; c) it’s pretty much been me and the boys hanging out for the past almost-2-years, with not so many other girls; and d) there has been general agreement that I have none of the mystical, magical, unfamiliar and confusing traits that many of the boys believe that “girls” possess. That is, I seem to not wield some kind of bizarre power. Which, I guess, is good.

I really do have to get some work done this weekend. Soon–tomorrow, most of the day. But fun is good, and not to be underestimated.