Friends: guard your electronics carefully, and watch what’s going on around you. I saw a guy’s laptop get stolen on the train today. Right off his LAP. It was ridiculous–the train pulled into a station, the doors started to open, and as the doors opened one of the punk-ass highschool kids on the train (the group of whom had been generally obnoxious the whole time) grabbed the guy’s laptop OFF HIS LAP with one hand and took off running.

It happened so fast that no one else even had time to react*, but the laptop-less guy had amazing reflexes; he threw his backpack and the rest of his shit to the ground and took off yelling after the kid.

There are a lot of long, long escalators in that station. I’m guessing he caught the kid (I hope he did, anyway, though I’d bet the laptop got pretty banged up). But his stuff went on to the next station without him, where a Very Nice Woman gathered his things up and gave them to the train driver.

That just sucks.

Be careful with your stuff.

And I posted this and then realized: it’s also a really good reminder to BACK UP YOUR WORK. Damn, you just know that guy had something un-backed-up on that hard drive. Right this minute is as good a time as any to back up anything you couldn’t live without.

* I was actually reading (of course), and didn’t see the actual grab–just saw/heard the laptop-less guy leap up and take off running. The blanks were quickly filled in for me by the other car-occupiers.