I just sent a draft of my prospectus to both my advisor and the professor I’ll be working with next semester.* I’m having misgivings already. Have I mentioned that I have what is probably an unhealthy fear of criticism from my advisor? So now begins the dreaded waiting-to-hear-back-from-him…..Well, the draft is out of my hands for now, at least.


I should grade this mountain of papers, clean my house, fold my laundry, and pack for my trip.

But I’m going to take a power nap, then go to the Wrangler’s. I will eventually be back in regular blog rotation. Aaaaany day now.

*I met today with this prof–she’s super nice and *offered* to read the prospectus draft. I’m excited about working with her course. Sounds like it’ll be fun, and much more along the lines of the work I do than anything I’ve TA’ed so far. She’s asked me to give a lecture on a topic pretty close to What I Do, so that’s cool too…so I’m kind of psyched about all that. Now I just have to figure out if I’m *also* doing another course *and* a tutorial….eek.