Since Saturday:

  • pages written: 35
  • sections of prospectus left to write: 1.5
  • hours from now until a full draft will be done: let’s say 5
  • glasses of wine consumed per night: 2
  • bedtime every night: 4:30 am
  • phone interviews attempted: 1
  • plane tickets purchased: 2
  • days until first upcoming fieldwork trip: 3
  • days until next family visit/fieldwork trip: 24
  • graded papers returned to students: 31
  • exam questions picked up today for grading: 68
  • cups of coffee consumed: damn near countless
  • blogs read: too many
  • blogs commented on: not enough
  • emails sitting in my inbox making me feel guilty: 5 (2 of these are from blogfriends…if one of these is you, I’m sorry. I’ll be better soon.)
  • days I’ve left the house: 1
  • hours spent in pajamas: 85

how close I am to sending my advisor this “draft”(which I am secretly hoping will be less of a “draft” and more of a “good job, submit this in two weeks” deal): So. Damn. Close.

ETA: How old the Li’l Wrangler is today: 9! Happy birthday to the Li’l Wrangler!