I stole this from lucyrain. I saw it a couple days ago at her place, and thought it was really awesome…but I was hesitant to steal it. But it’s too good. I have to!

1. When I was 15,
I thought I’d be a writer.
I thought I’d be dead by 25.
I thought I’d never be free of my dad’s super-control.
I thought I’d die if I couldn’t be with the 22 year old I was in love with (but couldn’t date).

2. When I was 20,
I thought marriage was an oppressive patriarchal institution, and was glad that mine (to the guy I thought I’d die without) was over.
I thought I’d go to my first Dead show, though I didn’t quite get it….
I thought I’d have my PhD by the time I was 27.
I thought my life would always be exactly like it was.

3. When I was 25,
I thought that Gospel Bob and I would split up in a few months.
I thought getting my Master’s degree would actually mean something.
I thought I’d live in San Francisco for the rest of my life.
I thought I could live on Newcastle, burritos, and cigarettes.

4. When I was 30,
I thought GB and I were over.
I thought that getting into PhD Program Of My Dreams was the worst thing that ever happened to me.
I thought I’d never love any place as much as I loved where I lived that year.
I thought I’d be a lifelong smoker.

[5. When I was 34,
I thought GB and I should plan the wedding for next spring.
I thought I wasn’t nearly as smart as I was when I started this program.
I thought I’d never smoke again, but that thought still made me anxious.
I thought my anxiety would just keep getting worse.]

6. When I was 35 . . . . (gotta say I’m looking forward to this.)