…way too mean to the Wrangler.
…glad my heat is back on.
…having a martini. Screw South Beach. I made it 12 long days with (almost) no cheating.
…horribly annoyed by the 20 papers I have left to grade.
…making progress on one section of the prospectus.
…wishing I had another month to work on it.
…wondering how drunk I can get and still grade.
…wondering how drunk I have to get to make this batch of papers bearable.
…kind of a bitch, really.
…grumpy that 47% of the papers I’m grading start with the same trite point in the intro. Yes, it’s the obvious trite point for this topic. But my god, people.
…officially depressed. Thanks for the jokes, y’all. I appreciated them. And I’m sure I’ll be fine. But for fuck’s sake, I could use a break from these black clouds following me around.