I just watched digital cable on my laptop.

How totally Jetsons is that?

My awesome new laptop, which I haven’t blogged about because I’ve been too busy enjoying it–how responsive the keyboard is! How sharp the display! How it just purrs when it’s busy, instead of wheezing and gasping when I ask it to open three windows!–anyway, it came with Windows Media Center. So I figured, what the hell, I’d spring for the “optional” (read: Media Center is kind of pointless without it) TV tuner.

Holy crap. I just set it up. And I got TV! On my computer! And it’s got DVR capabilities…so I can record TV, and then watch it on the laptop, or burn it to DVD.

Do you know what this means for me and House? We never need to be apart.

I. Am. A. Geek.

And no, this is not even close to working. And I still have lots and lots of papers to grade. But you know, this martini is pretty much the best thing that’s happened to me all week, and I needed a geeky break.

Okay. Back to the grading. But my mood’s picked up a little. [GEEK!]