B* tells me it’s National Delurking Week. Who decides these things? I don’t know, but since I’ve shared dessert with B* I’m inclined to believe her.

B* says that this is how you play:

  • You can get a cool button like I have up there over at Paper Napkin
  • Keep this at the top of your blog this week
  • Encourage people to comment
  • Go say hi over at the other blogs you read but don’t comment on, or cool new ones you find!

I check my stats obsessively, you know (right, like that’s a surprise)–and I know y’all are just hanging around here waiting for an invitation to comment. So….hi. Who are you? How did you end up here? What kind of drink can I fix you?

I’m de-stickifying this post, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t comment…you totally should. I’m just a freak about this sort of thing–newest posts at the top and all. Comment away, though–I’m still listening!