Thanks to lucyrain for pointing the way.

I Kiss Girls

Guilty as charged, though there’s not nearly enough kissing lately. Though I do have to go get ready to have coffee with Iron Butterfly Buttercup.*

Did I mention I started the South Beach diet again, so I’m off the booze for a couple weeks? That’s not helping.

*Ha! See what I did there? 😉

ETA: Oh, duh. I was so not having coffee with the band (though they have been featured prominently in the R&R basement…in fact, GB once passed out on the bumper pool table for the entire drum solo of “In a gadda da vida”. That’s a long time to be unconscious on bumpers. And I do have a bizarre connection to Iron Butterfly…I totally randomly met Philip Taylor Kramer‘s mother when I was 14. She gave me three huge boxes of records that had belonged to her son, I think. I still have some of the records, actually. Then a few years ago, I was watching a “Where Are They Now” on VH1 (don’t ask), and they were talking about Kramer’s weird disappearance…I had actually totally forgotten about those boxes of records until then. Odd. Completely pointless, but odd). I was having coffee with Iron BUTTERCUP, of course–if she had a blog, I could have linked to her, and probably wouldn’t have fucked that up in the first place. Though then you wouldn’t have gotten my Iron Butterfly story. But I don’t think that means she shouldn’t start a blog. Right?