Many, many thanks to all my bloggy friends for your New Year’s wishes and support for my list of “accomplishments”. I do appreciate y’all dropping by, and the good wishes are always a treat. A still-surprising treat, too; when I started this blog five months ago, I pretty much knew all four of my readers. Now I have a bunch of y’all dropping in here regularly, and saying nice things about and to me (even on your own blogs, which is so awesome I can’t even stand it), and even driving way out of your way in rush-hour traffic to meet me. Damn. You rock.

Unfortunately, despite all the New Year’s wishes and our mini-party here at the Bumper Pool Casa*, I’m still in this really annoying funk that I’ve been in since Christmas. Yes, I’m recovering from the family trauma and the fighting with my mom (which I feel worse about as time passes) and Gospel Bob’s grandma being sick and hospitalized and GB’s broken hand and the whole host of annoyances, drama, and sadness of the holidays this year. And maybe that’s all that’s going on with me, and a few more days of sleeping and staring at the ceiling from my comfy bed and watching GB play video games (just because being in the same room as him is comforting right now) will be all I need. And then I’ll be fine.

But I’m totally, completely paralyzed on the work-front. I mean, I can’t even think about the work I need to do, and the deadlines that are getting so close that they’re like, right here (the prospectus) and the deadlines that are so close that I can’t actually get the work together in time for them (that would be the fellowship application, which isn’t going to happen. And I’m not sure exactly what the repercussions of that will be…).

Urg. I don’t need WebMD to diagnose that what I’m in is A Funk.

And then my laptop, which has been dying slowly, basically gave me its two week notice. So, with mom’s help (as always), I did the one thing that is making me happy thinking about it and might help with a bit of the funk:

I bought a new laptop. Oooh, it’s so pretty!** It probably won’t be here for another week, but it’s okay, because now I can compulsively check my order status and think about how on this laptop I’ll be able to get all the work done I need to do in plenty of time. And brilliantly, to boot.

Keep your fingers crossed for me on that. And, as always, kind words and funkless wishes are welcome.

*which was nice, and fun, but I got drunk WAY too fast and was mostly incoherent from about 12:15 on. Oh, and the incoherent part just might have involved some drunken lip-locking with a rather unfortunate choice for that kind of thing…unfortunate only because, of all my guests, it’s probably the person I’m least inclined to do that sort of thing with. But whatever. At least a little of the old Kissing Bandit Luckybuzz persists into 2006–good thing, since I thought my random drunken making-out days were fading away.
**No, it’s not a Mac. Yes, I know Macs rock. I’m okay with this.