January 2006

Why I love Gospel Bob, part 3,217:

When GB got home, I told him about my crappy day. He didn’t have much to say about it, but he was sympathetic. After the first two people came to look at the empty room,* GB cracked open a beer, put on Workingman’s Dead, and invited the Bumper Pool Boys over tonight. So now I’m listening to “Easy Wind,” eating Grape Nuts (so good–how could I have forgotten that?), drinking a glass of Little Penguin, and waiting for the Bumper Pool Boys *and* our next potential roomie to show up–poor girl is going to get the real-life Buzz/Bob household experience.

But I’m feeling a bit better.

*yep, we’re roommate hunting. I’m way less than thrilled about this, but we’ve had to admit we can’t afford this place on our own. And it’s only until August, when we move back to Cooler Side of Town. Can I just say, though, that looking for a potential (albeit temporary) roommate is just a pain in my ass? How do I know if this person who seems laid back and cool is really a chainsaw-wielding psychopath–or even a Republican? That’s some scary shit….and not so easy to tell in a 5-minute-meeting….


*(Cartoon cussing, meant to convey the depths of my misery without attracting the Wrong Kind of Googlers)

The thing is that a *lot* of today sucked. The prof I’m TAing for next semester also hired me as an RA too, so I’m pretty much doing nothing but running around between four different libraries, trying to figure out what her cryptic requests mean.

I fucking hate being a lackey.

And that really would have been enough to make for a crappy day–slogging through hail and slush and ice, feeling like a flunky. So even if I hadn’t run into my advisor, I would be grumpy right now.

But you know there’s more to this story.

Right. He needs to reread my prospectus, of course, but he’s got some preliminary thoughts on it, and do I want to just hear them now? Well, okay, though I’m a little scattered and not so ready, really. The gist of the next half hour: while my topic is good, the prospectus sucks.

Of course, he didn’t say it “sucks,” per se. But it needs work, let’s shoot for submitting in March, maybe later. Here are 12 books that will give you the theoretical framework your prospectus is desperately lacking.

To his credit, he did say, “I wonder if I should have told you all this months ago.”

Um, yeah. That would have been nice. But hey, whattaya gonna do. Telling me now beats telling me after I submit it, I guess.

So I’ve got some work to do. Assuming I can muster up even the tiniest bit of self-esteem and convince myself that I’m not just a big dumb failure who will never be Dr. Luckybuzz.

What is this weird, irrational belief that it’s just not okay to go to bed before midnight?

I’ve got a little beginning of the semester anxiety tonight–feeling overwhelmed by the number of things I’ve taken on this semester, and it hasn’t even started yet. I think I may have overcommitted. Or maybe I just committed, and it just feels like too much to me–I do have a tendency to seriously under-commit. Really, it’s probably good that I’m trying to start saying yes to more work, more responsibilities, and more commitments. But damn. The anxiety’s kind of been through the roof lately.

[there was a long piece here about my paranoid anxiety regarding some stats from my Sitemeter…but B* the super sleuth has reassured me. So y’all don’t really need to know just how freakishly paranoid I am.]

Sorry for the mostly contentless-posts today, but this is just so, so cool.

Boing Boing: San Francisco In Jell-O on display in SF

I mean, check this out:

Dude. That’s just neat. There are more here.

It’s been about, oh, eleven years now that I’ve been planning on getting “back into” doing yoga. Um, luckybuzz? After 11 years, you’re not so much “picking it back up”. Just to be clear about that.

So, right. I keep thinking yoga would do me a world of good. I mean, look at the Yogini; is it just a coincidence that she’s a rockstar AND a the Yogini? Of course not. So I got a DVD, because I have to be honest–I just don’t see myself leaving the house and trying to restart yoga around a bunch of strangers, when I’m a good 40 pounds heavier than I was last time I tried this shit. Just gave it a shot for the first time…yeah, it’s going to take some time to get to where my body’s not all freaked out by movement that isn’t walking. But the DVD is pretty cool; there are four women doing four different levels of yoga, all at once, with modifications for different flexibilities–and the coolest thing about is that a couple of the women actually look a lot more like me than like, say, Kate Moss. That’s kind of awesome…makes me want to give it a shot.

Hopefully, I won’t keep you posted on this, because I really have to have more exciting things to talk about. Spring semester starts this week, so I’m sure there will be plenty of bitching to come.

Yep. This guy is officially “that guy.”

Boing Boing: Museum shoelace trip shatters three Qing vases: “Museum shoelace trip shatters three Qing vases
A man with a loose shoelace fell down a flight of stairs in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England on Monday and shattered three 17th/18th century Qing dynasty vases. The museum has vowed to glue them back together.

‘It was a most unfortunate and regrettable accident, but we are glad that the visitor involved was able to leave the museum unharmed,’ said Duncan Robinson, the Fitzwilliam’s director.

The museum declined to identify the man who had tripped on a loose shoelace Wednesday.

Asked about the porcelain vases, Margaret Greeves, the museum’s assistant director, said: ‘They are in very, very small pieces, but we are determined to put them back together.’

Considering the funk I was in last night, today’s been…okay. Sorry if this is horribly boring–this is more of an update for me, I think. I’m feeling lazy, so I’m going with bullet points.

  • Had breakfast with GB at the best breakfast place in town…haven’t been there in months. GB and I had gotten in the habit of going to breakfast with Blanche and the Wrangler, but not each other–so that was pretty cool. Mmmm….awesome eggs florentine.
  • Finally emailed the person I really need to interview to get involved with the group I really want to study for the diss…and got an email back a few hours later, offering all sorts of help and interview possibilities. Keeping my fingers crossed that this all works out–it’s way closer to home than anywhere else I’m looking at.
  • Also finally called Sleepy CouchHead, who still loves me despite hosting me all last weekend.
  • Called my family (and GB called his) and broke the gettin’-hitched news. My dad said I made his year (“well, you made my 2006 at least”), both our moms were much more surprised and happy than I thought they’d be, and my awesome sister told me to stop downplaying it, already, and appreciate the fact that “there are only so many momentous occasions in your life…just enjoy it, willya?” My sister’s advice: have a lot of parties, register for gifts. My sis rocks.
  • Had a long, sad, good conversation with the Wrangler on the phone. The short version: we’re in the same place–sad, relieved, happy with the rest of our lives right now, and looking forward to being able to hang out and be friendly and good soon. And I’ve still got plans with the Li’l Wrangler next weekend.
  • Got an email back from my advisor tonight. He’s been out of town and hasn’t read the draft I sent him yet–which is good, because at least he wasn’t just so disgusted he couldn’t respond.
  • Got 2 responses already for the roommate ad we posted today.

So. Good. Not much “work,” but some life stuff moving along.

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