Feels like it’s probably time for a wrap-up of sorts, what with the new year being not-so-far away. In general, I love New Year’s Eve; I’d have to say, in fact, that some of the best times in my life have been NYEs (three especially memorable ones stand out…hmmm, maybe I’ll talk about them another time). I love making lists; I love putting an end to the old year through all sorts of fun and improvised rituals; I love burning things (always a crucial part of a good NYE celebration); and, well, I love drinking.

Today, though, I’m not so much feeling it. I’m just…blah. Recovering from the trip, sure; but generally just as lethargic as I’ve ever been.

Maybe a little list will help. How about this one, always a favorite of mine and a necessary precursor to the resolutions:

2005 Accomplishments

  • I quit smoking (it’ll be 1 year on Jan. 18; this one alone should be enough, really)
  • had 2 year anniversary with the Wrangler
  • had 9 year anniversary with Gospel Bob
  • passed general exams
  • lived through family reunion (first in 7 years) and maintained humor and goodwill (mostly) throughout
  • had Hugely Radical and Life-Changing Haircut
  • turned 34

Huh. This isn’t helping. Seems like there really should be more of these…

I’ll try this again later. In the meantime…what’s your favorite (not necessarily your “biggest”) accomplishment of 2005?