You know what? I used to be a total badass. Strangers in bars avoided me. Children were fascinated and terrified by my mere presence. I used to have a glower and a swagger and when I was a senior in high school I was voted “scariest” by all the underclasses. For real.

I’m older now. I’m calmer. I’m happier with my life, overall. I can still pull off a Keith Richards stagger swagger, but I feel less compelled to. And I’ve decided that scaring children, while fun, is not necessarily my shining talent.

And so now, when I’m sitting here at Gospel Bob’s listening to his dad conduct yet another scam “business” on the phone all morning and being totally overwhelmed by family shit, depression, self-disgust, procrastination, and inertia, I think to myself…

Maybe a visit to Cute Overload would help.

And when this is the first post I see…

it totally does.

Yes, I do find that disturbing. But you just have to go with what works.