This holiday thing is really not working out for me. I have to make a list to soothe myself.

  • Mom and I have stopped yelling at each other today and have moved into awkward, not-talking-much, realizing-we’re-going-to-regret-all-this-arguing mode. It’s actually not better–it’s much sadder overall.
  • Gospel Bob’s grandma has been in the hospital for a couple days–she came home yesterday, but was rushed back to the hospital last night.
  • GB called last night to tell me all this, and to add that he broke his hand. And that he can’t wait for me to get there.
  • The Wrangler keeps calling me, all drunk and sappy, missing me and sorry that he’s spending Christmas mostly-alone. I can’t help, comfort, or sympathize with him. The only holiday spirit I’ve got right now is the little bit that’s working its way through my liver.

I’m trying to pick my mood up. Here are some better things:

  • My awesome older sister got me a Victoria’s Secret gift certificate, so I just did a little online retail therapy, which helped.
  • My brother-in-law’s only redeeming characteristic is that he drinks lots and lots of wine when I’m here, so he’s keeping my glass filled. That helps too.
  • The uneasy truce with mom is better than fighting with her.
  • I got the wireless connection working on my laptop here at my sister’s, and Sky High, which the family is watching, isn’t quite as awful as I’d feared it would be. It’s not nearly the stink-fest that last night’s Fantastic Four viewing was, at least.
  • The wine is kicking in and I’m starting to get a little drunk. Yay! There’s hope for this holiday yet!