Well, it’s clear I didn’t make the kind of progress on that last list that I was hoping for. Granted, many of the things on there are long-term projects, but I really didn’t even do so well with the short-term ones…

Anyway. This is a non-post post, just to stay in practice. Today is the last class meeting, and then a meeting with the prof. I’m (hopefully) working with next semester, and then I’ll spend the rest of the evening trying to pack, setting up the cats for their big week mostly-alone, and bothering GB while he’s trying to study for his last final (tomorrow!) because I’m sad we won’t be together for Christmas.* And then tomorrow I’m off for a week of dysfunction, irritation, drama and guilt family time.

Much, much more on all this to come, I’m sure.

*We both leave tomorrow, but he’s off to his folks and I’m off to my mom’s. I’ll meet up with him at his parents’ next Tuesday (thus the bicoastal holiday) and we’ll fly back home together. This seemed like a good idea at the time we booked the tickets; it’s been clear for years that physical presence during Christmas is way more important to our families than it is to us. Now, though, it’s seeming like an unfortunate choice. But I’ll probably be blogging a lot.