…and I finished the grading.

Okay, yes, I have two more sets of papers coming in the next month, but I’m feeling pretty good about getting through the never-ending-stack-o’-horror.

So. Now that I can think about my own stuff (since I don’t get the next pile of badness until after New Year’s), I think I need a public accountability list. Just to keep me from getting cocky.
Things that must get done:

  • big huge fellowship apps are due in 3 weeks…too late to start on them (including getting rec letters)? (no, not too late, but stressful)
  • continue trying to set up fieldwork interviews for after the holidays
  • meet with course heads about jobs for next term
  • wash that mountain of dishes
  • wash cat-peed-on laundry
  • figure out catsitters (the Wrangler’s on board for one day, but I need to bargain with the Bumper Pool Boys for the rest of the week)
  • pack for bicoastal holiday trip (I leave in TWO DAYS. Eeek!)
  • see the Wrangler tonight and try to be consoling about his impending lonely Christmas (did a fairly good job of being nice, but fell asleep too early to be truly consoling)
  • clean my nasty workspace
  • Christmas presents? I have yet to buy a single one. Gah.
  • Oh yeah, write prospectus.

I think I might have been hiding behind that stack of papers, after all.