…because mine just sucks.

I wrote a big old post, all drunk like, earlier when Iron Buttercup was here. (Iron Buttercup’s new name *rocks*. She needs to start her new blog yesterday, because with a name like that, you need to be in the public eye.) It was entertaining. And then I got a Blue Screen of Death–on my newly madeover laptop!–and the post is gone.


And I’m too drunk to reconstruct the post for you.

It was a little bit about (Iron) Buttercup’s new name, and how I hope this doesn’t make her want to do 20 minute drum solos. And that Gospel Bob has (drunkenly, though that might be redundant) updated his blog. And that there really is such a thing as too much garlic on pizza, believe it or not. And there was something about how this template really isn’t working for me, but the orange was totally not happening anymore either, and what’s a girl to do?

But then it all disappeared. And Iron Buttercup left, and I drank more wine, and got into a drunken and silly argument with GB about his final exams that lasted for hours. Literally. (If there’s one thing we do well, it’s argue debate.) And that turned into a big debate about what Happens When You Die and how my OCD-ness revolves all-the-hell around things like that. Yeah, that’s how you want to finish off a night.

Grrr. Now I’m tired, and not totally happy with my template, and grumpy about the whole argument, and why are there no cats on the bed with me? I have to go round up some felines. I’m sure tomorrow will be considerably more coherent. Ha. Haha. Hahahahahahaha.