That smell is just my seething, simmering frustration.

The blog won’t stay like this, but I can’t fix it now. I have a cold, and last night when I should have been preparing for today’s sections (last of the semester–whoohoo!), I decided to mess around with my blog template AND to give my desktop a radical makeover. Productive, no? Well, no. Anyway. More on the makeover later; for now I’ll just say it was inspired by Lifehacker’s Desktop Show and Tell, which I spent WAAAAY too much time with last night. Fascinating. And the best kind of procrastination.

Anyway. Now I’m running late for class (again), and I have to stop and pick up treats for my sections, and so the crappy current template stays for now. Be glad you’re reading this in Sage. Or Bloglines. Or on the Magic 8-Ball.