• to finish grading these damn papers
  • one of Jesse’s cookies (or any cookie, really, right now)
  • two solid days to work on my prospectus
  • two more solid days to start/finish fellowship applications for next year
  • for this last week of classes to be over
  • money for groceries, because pasta everyday is getting old
  • more wine
  • a warm new friend to cuddle up with tonight
  • and/or for GB’s finals to be over
  • for someone to refer to my tits as shocking (though not in a work situation, which might be awkward)
  • a new blog template, since B*’s induced my template-envy

Yep. It pretty much all points to a) the end of the semester (which in my case doesn’t happen for another five weeks., though I’ll settle for classes ending); b) my unbelievable lack of focus lately; c) hunger; and d) not enough wine.

It’s a sad, sad state of affairs. If you’re keeping track, the grading pile is barely diminished, though the wine is gone. Sad, I tells ya.