Remember when I said this group of papers looked pretty good, overall?

Yeah, I don’t know what the hell I was smoking; maybe they looked good overall because that early, brief look at them wasn’t enough to reveal that THEY’RE ALL THE SAME DAMN PAPER.

I don’t mean they’re plagiarized. I mean that, despite offering four separate broad topics and the ability to choose one’s own specific issue to address within those topics, at least 75% of the essays I’m grading are on the SAME ISSUE.

It’s a broad issue. It’s not very interesting. It wasn’t interesting the first time, and it’s not interesting the 12th time, either. And I cannot focus. There is nothing in the world that could make me focus on these papers enough to have them all graded by tomorrow.

The grading is, as my mom would say, as slow as molasses in January.

And I haven’t left my house since Friday night. Is that healthy? Not so much, right? Yeah, it’s so obviously not healthy that it’s a little embarrassing. I’m off to the Wrangler’s in a bit. And the grading will continue for another goddamn day.

I’m actually not always this pathetic. But this group of essays has me beat.