I mean, my own slothfulness, lack of motivation, and acute-onset ADD are certainly factors in the Unbearable Suckiness of Grading that’s going on around here this weekend. But seriously, how can I still have 22 papers left to grade? And why can I not get through more than 2 pages without having to stop and do something–anything–else? I mean, I reinstalled Windows on my laptop tonight, for Pete’s sake. And even that didn’t take up enough of my time (nor did it solve the laptop hell, but what-the-hell-ever on that).

So why does grading suck so much? I know everyone and their brother tries to figure this out, but damn. Yes, trying to assign uniform, consistent grades to such a wide variety of students/styles/approaches is not so easy; as I’ve bemoaned here before, my students range from brand-spanking-new freshman, to senior science majors taking this class for the hell of it because all their requirements are already met, to Masters students in my field who believe they should be perfect at this stuff.

Then there’s the unfortunate fact that by this late in the semester, I pretty much like all my students–I’ve (finally, and just recently, in some cases) started seeing them as individuals, with individual, unique backgrounds, and perspectives, and talents, and so being the final judge of their “success” in the course is awkward.

And then there’s the issue of the papers that still Just Suck–and grading those is just an exercise in frustration and futility, since not only is reading them painful, but being somewhat limited in the range of grades I can legitimately give (no, I’m SO not getting started on that topic again) is just horribly annoying.

I think what I’m really annoyed about is that, unlike BrightStar, I failed to plan ahead–and I’m about to run out of wine. At which point all grading tonight must cease.