It’s Tom Waits’ birthday!
Happy birthday to the Coolest. Guy. Ever.

(That last link offers a special little treat.)

I mean, check these out. (Photos are from here; the number of amazingly cool TW photos on this site is staggering.)

Most people who’ve lived in Northern California (north of SF, I mean) have Tom Waits Encounters to tell–the guy gets around. I am happy (and geeky enough) to say that I not only have a brush with Tom Waits to relate, but that I actually brushed up against Tom Waits. In a redwood forest. With the Yogini, who can back me up on this. He was with his family; actually, the Yogini and I had been watching these two little boys jousting with redwood branches. We weren’t paying much attention to them until their dad came to retrieve them to continue down the path…and yep, holy crap, there went the Waits family. The Yogini and I followed at a respectable distance, but the Waitses were having a nice Sunday stroll through the woods, and eventually it became clear that a) they knew we were behind them, b) they knew we knew who they were, and c) they so, so did not want to talk to us. So we passed them on the path to give them some privacy, though we did talk way too loudly about yarn in an attempt to be nonchalant.

It was pretty fuckin’ awesome, though, sharing a path in the woods with Tom Waits.

This ends today’s Rock & Roll Geek Report. Tune in again tomorrow for reports on the Concert I’m Blowing Off Section Prep For Tonight.

(thanks to Rex L. Camino for reminding me of the Man’s birthday. Rex is right; the other hobos do envy my Tom Waits CDs.)