Okay. I woke up this morning, made coffee, fed the cats, showered, dressed, and then sat down and….

did 20 minutes of (focused, and pretty much on track) freewriting on the prospectus.

Go me!

You do understand how completely paralyzed I’ve been about touching the prospectus, right? And so I’ve been arranging and rearranging my 50-page-outline of it, which is not nearly as helpful as it sounds like it would be.

And the fieldwork is not working out so well.

But I wrote 2 crappy paragraphs, which is “working on the prospectus,” so I’m happy. And now I just want to work on it all day. Hope I still feel motivated when I get back this afternoon….

I know this is an age-old, and necessarily rhetorical, question, but: how in the world to do people teach and work on their own research and writing? ‘Cause it’s a pain in my ass.

ETA: Awesome. I did another solid hour of good work on the prospectus. Now I just want to keep working on it, but I’m already late and I have to run to class…dammit! There needs to be 2 luckybuzzes for this kind of thing. (and god help the world)