OH MY GOD. Is that Nextel Walkie-Talkie phone ad the most ANNOYING THING EVER? Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s on my Yahoo mail page…every time I inadvertantly mouse over the ad, it *chirps* with a noise that sounds like my hard drive is gasping and dying. What marketing genius decided that anyone would find that appealing?

Since Sprint and Nextel merged, I’ve had about a 30% dropped call rate; I have calls that simply refuse to ever connect for no reason at all; about once a day I get a voicemail notification when my phone didn’t ring; text messages get delivered a day late occasionally (and randomly–sort of negating the point of the INSTANT text message); and the call quality is atrocious.

Does anyone know if I can get the early termination fee waived because the company just *sucks* now? Then I could get one of these…. Otherwise I guess I have to wait until April when my contract is up….

ETA: Okay, I’m mostly all talk. I went with Sprint 3 years ago because no one else would have me. AT&T has these crazy credit requirements that I just can’t live up to. Verizon screwed me over once before, and aside from the fact that I don’t trust or like them, they think I owe them “money,” as they say. I think I’ve had a problem in the past with Cingular not approving my credit either, but I don’t even know who owns them now or what their deal is…so yeah, I have to go with whoever will have me. Sad. But at this point I’d pay a big ol’ deposit just to not be using those Sprint bastards.